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G-Shock Bezel

G-Shock bezel is a totally unique product on the market of the timepieces.

The inventor of G-Shock watch Kikuo Ibe

wanted to create a watch that could not be destroyed. He claims that he threw away hundreds of watches before he came up with a design that served as a basis for all the G-Shock models of Casio watches.

The principal engineer of Casio invented his "impossible to destroy" watch in 1983 when most designers favoured slim watches. However, the G-Shock line of Casio watches not only has proven to be reliable in the toughest environment but it has also become a stylish fashion icon.

G-Shock watch is a dream product. It never breaks and will serve you for a very long time.

What makes it such a miracle — is a G-Shock bezel!

The face of the watch is embedded into a polyurethane fixed bezel which like a capsule keeps the watch safe in its tissue.
The idea of the bezel was derived from the tennis ball. The inventor saw a girl playing with a rubber ball and it made him realize that the only way to protect a watch is to place it into a similar environment.
Thus G-Shock Bezel was born.

What makes it so special?

Thanks to G-Shock Bezel the watch can withstand a fall from a 10-meters height.
This bezel is so good that you can play hockey with it and the watch will survive.
The shape of the bezel protects the body of the watch from external impacts. There are only four points that connect the watch
with the bezel and the polyurethane protects the glass and the mechanism.The shape of the bezel defends the watch regardless of the angle of the fall.

G-Shock Bezel is a culture that has its following. It is a look into the future based on the best traditions of watchmaking.
G-Shock promotes active life-style, durability, elegance and innovation.

While G-Shock Bezel will last you many years — it is a "wear and tear" product, especially as it serves on the front line defending your precious timepiece.

If you want to ensure that your G-Shock Casio masterpiece serves you lifetime you need to look after it and replace your G-Shock Casio Bezel in good time.

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